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We are dedicated to crafting innovative, science-backed nutritional solutions that cater to individual needs. Through education, accessibility, and a commitment to one's culture, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the way people nourish their bodies. Our medium is nutrition, but our goal is nothing short of transforming lives and fostering a global culture of wellness.


What is your “Next Level” in your athletic goals? Is it making varsity, making state or Nationals, a race, is it being recruited to a D1 college, the NFL/NBA Combine or the Olympic trials, is it going coming off free agent status or overcoming a plateau at the Professional level?

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Are you a parent or caregiver that is struggling with a picky eater, food aversions, medication side effects, speciality diets, underweight, overweight, or complex relationships with food for their child/family member with special needs?  

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This is for the individual that wants to improve their overall health and wellness through evidence based nutrition. This includes but isnt limited to: weight loss or gain, combating a recent or older diagnosis, prevention of a disease ,  etc.

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“I’m a former D1 student athlete diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 2023. Hannah not only was knowledgeable about my diagnosis but was a genuine and kind human being. I couldn’t recommend her enough to any one in any stage of their journey with diet and nutrition.”
UNC Soccer Alum
“I would like to commend Hannah Eboagu on a wonderful nutrition presentation.The information was clear,, informative, and well structured. Hannah was very posed and professional. The knowledge and information she shared with the staff at the Autism Treatment Center will assist the employees in preparing healthy well balanced nutritional meals for our individuals.”
Education Staff Supervisor
“I absolutely love working with Hannah! She is understanding, open, and makes me feel like no question is a dumb question. She is for people and truly wants to cater to what is best for each persons life! She has taught me so much about nutrition, food, and how to use the two to become the best version of myself. Could not recommend her more!!”
Active Female
“Working with Hannah has made me feel so much better about how to apply nutrition to help with my athletic performance. There are a lot of different ideas about nutrition, and that can make it really overwhelming for someone trying to maximize their efforts to achieve a goal. Hannah has made me feel more in control of completing my goals.”
Utah State Thrower